Press Release: International Hospitality Consultancy Launches in the UK

23rd February 2021

Vigour & Vice ( is an international hospitality consultancy which enhances the performance and profitability of new and established restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes with a proven, 100 per cent success rate.

The consultancy is founded by Catherine Johnstone, a trailblazer in the hospitality industry, who has been working in the sector since the age of 16. She was one of Mitchell & Butler’s youngest GMs and has since held a number of positions, including Operations Manager at Jason Atherton’s four critically-acclaimed restaurants as part of the Unlisted Collection. 


The Vigour & Vice Method

The Vigour & Vice method uses tried and tested financial and operational tools to give businesses the infrastructure they need to dramatically improve profitability by up to 30% on the bottom line.

It reviews the five fundamental aspects of the business: from the sales and revenue, to the food, beverage and labour programmes, and finally general expenses, to improve bottom-line profitability. Crucially, it does all this without compromising on the quality of the culinary offering or consumer experience or by watering down the vision at the heart of the brand.

Vigour & Vice can be employed by any food and beverage venue. The consultancy helps forward-thinking founders of new businesses secure success and longevity from launch. It can turnaround companies facing financial challenges and is an expansion tool for organisations that want to be prepared for growth. The service is particularly well suited to the current climate, and for those venues looking to recover and grow post-Lockdown.

With a long-term, pre-pandemic proven track record as recovery experts, Vigour & Vice offers a service that is also highly relevant during this critical time of the UK hospitality industry’s disruption. It has proven the success of its model in the thriving dining scenes of Singapore and South Africa. It has already helped a number of global clients and has a 100% success rate at improving profitability, in some instances improving profits by more than 30% in three months.

The Vigour & Vice method is the result of Cat’s experience trouble-shooting across a vast portfolio of brands, and identifying common problems that could be solved with a comprehensive and systematic approach.   


Free Audit

The consultancy invites businesses to reassess their operating model by signing up for a free audit and analysis.  Supporting businesses both financially and operationally during this time is crucial. Once the Discovery Audit process is complete and Vigour & Vice confirm the project, they commit a minimum of three months to address the challenges at the heart of the business in a structured and systematic way, building additional infrastructure to improve business performance. 


Vigour & Vice’s Unique Three-Stage System

The Vigour & Vice method is a three-stage system. It starts with the Discovery Audit, in which the business is analysed and the projected results are laid out. Next, the consultancy delivers its Strategy, outlining the tactics the business will deploy to improve profitability, before it sets out its Action Plan so the client has clear guidance on the work it needs to undertake.

  • Discovery Audit: An intensive two- to four-week period of observation, immersion and investigation. Clients complete a tailored questionnaire and provide supporting documents in order for the Vigour & Vice team to understand the business and make an initial assessment of whether they can help.
  • Strategy: Vigour & Vice will provide clear recommendations for the business to action immediately to start seeing improvements to the bottom line. The consultancy projects how much profit will improve by, giving clients the opportunity to decide whether to commence the service.
  • Action Plan: Vigour & Vice will tailor this into a clear step-by-step action plan, to suit the client’s specific needs and achieve their objectives within the agreed timeline.


After each 30-day milestone Vigour & Vice will have a formal review meeting, identifying which recommendations were actioned and the impact on business performance. If there are any outstanding actions, Vigour & Vice will discuss and provide follow up solutions and confirm how they will help businesses execute them moving forwards.

In the Final Reflection meeting, Vigour & Vice will engage in a feedback and sharing session, during which they will discuss what the future holds and how they will provide ongoing support for the life of the business. 


For all press enquiries please contact Palm:

Hannah Sollosi / Amber Wheatley / 

0207 871 6733


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